Rental Overview

Morse Mountain Rentals are St. John family houses located within and adjacent to the 600-acre Bates-Morse Mountain Conservation Area.  This conservation area includes over a mile of sandy beach, trails, wetlands, two tidal rivers and a small mountain.

The houses are owned and managed by two branches of the St. John family organized as Morse Farm Associates (MFA) and Morse River Associates (MRA). These houses are summarized on the House Overview page.  Each is further detailed on individual pages under the 'Houses' menu.  These pages include PDF attachments for house availability and specific rental policies.

In general, the houses are rented on a weekly basis for 6 days from May through October.  Rental weeks start either on Friday at 4 pm ending on Thursday at 4 pm for Morse Farm Associates, or Saturday at 4 pm ending on Friday at 4 pm for Morse River Associates.  Multiple week rentals are allowed and encouraged.

Rental priority is given to: 1. Family, 2. Returning Renters, 3. Multi-Week Renters, and 4. New Renters.

2021 Reservations

The reservation process has been completed for the upcoming season. Please check the availability pdfs under each house in the Houses tab to find open weeks. Check the website occasionally, because in these uncertain times there are sometimes cancellations. 

The Eyrie house is open year-round, see information under Houses tab; winter rentals are open for requests now. 

​​Our COVID-19 Policy